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Biennale Bitch


Let’s face it. There’s more to the art world than auctions and appetizers. Thank God one art critic has a sense of humor, and she isn’t afraid to share it in her witticisms and that’s Nadja Sayej. But if you think what she says on the record is one thing, you need to read her diary!
Now is your chance with the release of her new book Biennale Bitch which digs into a food review of the Venice Biennale, butterfly kissing Cate Blanchett and meeting Norwegian royalty. Oh and is it ‘biennial’ or ‘biennale?’ Nobody cares... except maybe the Italians.
A follow up to the smash hit, The Celebrity Interview Book, the wildest of the art world has arrived and, just as she is known for her coy humor and satirical interviews on ArtStars* TV with Marina Abramovic, here she rolls through the European art scene with a Nikon full of off-the-record snapshots and a few hor d'oeuvres stuffed in her purse.
This book highlights a run in with A$AP Rocky at Miami Beach, vomiting on Richard Branson’s sister in Marrakech and snoring her way through Documenta. There are cameos from Robert Crumb, doing vodka shots with Anish Kapoor and meeting Helmut Newton’s wife Jane Newton for her very first selfie. From bad weather to missed flights and food poisoning, this is a book about the art world indeed—except it’s about everything but the art. Rather, it’s about the chaos that surrounds and fills the art world like a bad pastry filling.