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The Celebrity Interview Book


The Celebrity Interview Book is a collection of 21 interviews with some of the world’s biggest stars who dish their deepest tales. These interviews were conducted by entertainment journalist Nadja Sayej. In essence, this is her greatest hits from the past seven years. As her first-ever print book, there are photos of the stars from Sayej’s personal archive, an introduction explaining what it’s like meeting them alongside the actual, unedited interview.

For this first volume of interviews, she spoke with Susan Sarandon on spending Christmas with refugees in Greece, Jean Paul Gaultier on making his childhood dream come true, Yoko Ono philosophizing about turning 80, James Franco refusing to talk about weed and Wyclef Jean on the political fate of America. There are also interviews with Dita Von Teese, who chats about coloring her pubic hair, Faith Evans on the spirit of her late husband Biggie Smalls and Bill Nye clapping back to his anti-climate change haters.

The topic of ‘celebrity’ plays a role in the interviews with Auma Obama, whose name is recognized because of her brother Barack, while looking at the stars through the eyes of celebrity photographers Anton Corbijn and Mario Testino, who became stars as a by-product of photographing celebrities. Marina Abramovic talks about being ‘totally hetero,’ while Olafur Eliasson talks about being a humanitarian who drives a Hummer. The interviews here are unlike most you’d read—they’re funny, fun, to the point and totally unexpected.

This book is like a comedian’s diary; they’re filled with anecdotes of sneaking into VIP parties (as well as sneaking out of boring ones), speaking up, shouting out, shutting up and letting the bizarre quirks of the rich and famous speak for themselves. They were all possible by going the unconventional route. As Katherine Hepburn once said: “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."


Susan Sarandon
Patti Smith
James Franco
Yoko Ono
Jean Paul Gaultier
Dita Von Teese
Faith Evans
Swizz Beatz
Isabella Rossellini
Jarvis Cocker
Robert Crumb
… and more!

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