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Making It in Berlin


This simple how-to is for any artist living or wanting to live in Berlin and is the only authoritative guide in English.

In this ebook, learn how to:

• How to exhibit in Berlin
• Where to study German for free
• How to get a visa
• How to find a residency, a studio and an apartment
• Untapped job markets
• Must-see art museums and biennials
• Recommendations to the best galleries, blogs and parties… and more!

What you will learn:

• The best gallery districts, art hangouts and liveable neighbourhoods
• The right questions to ask when getting a lease on a Berlin apartment
• The top five places to score an art studio
• Tips for signing contracts, getting insurance and health care
• Ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the city, useful mailing lists and apps
• A quick travel guide to catch the most important museum exhibitions, biennials and festivals

In this ebook:

• 60 pages, four sections, 23,000 words
• Packed with links, personal recommendations and addresses
• Detailed and crisp information gathered very recently
• Fun, entertaining style (jargon free)
• Accessible, conversational and easy to read

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• Making It in Berlin is available for just $10 CDN (not including PayPal fees)
• For Americans that's $7.80 USD
• If you're in Europe, this ebook costs €6,60 (VAT included)
• British readers pay only £6

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